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TNI: The New Inquisition - Training Manual




Employees of TNI are paid on the following scale according to classification:


  • D: $ 50,000.00
  • C: $100,000.00
  • B: $500,000.00


In addition, all individuals with "Adept" sub-classification receive an additional $10,000.00 per year to cover equipment and expenses at pay grades "D" and "C".


Employees of TNI receive full medical, dental, vision, and mental health coverage from day one. There is no deductible for this coverage, and medical care is available worldwide from approved facilities. In locations where approved facilities are unavailable, TNI will make arrangements to cover the cost of wmployee care.


Employees of pay grade D receive free room and board at the TNI facility located in the city of their employment. Employees of pay grade C may continue to receive housing at their home TNI facility, or may live off-site. Employees of pay grade B are required to live off-site unless special arrangements are made with TNI. TNI does not cover the cost of off-site living.


Employees of TNI also receive access to one of several health club memberships depending on their location. Company vehicles are also available for personal use to those of pay grade C or higher. Individuals of pay grade C or higher also have access to one of several TNI timeshare condominiums located throughout the world.


Employees of TNI receive three weeks of paid vacation per year per pay grade.




TNI puts together teams for a variety of reasons. Below are the various types of team that TNI generally puts together, and what they do.


  • Research - the least glamorous job in TNI is going through endless stacks of books on the subject of magick, ranging from the banal to the bizarre. Some research cells also scan newspapers, magazines, and Internet forums for circumstances that might be indicators of mystic events. Another job for research teams is standard detective work: if you want the straight dope on an individual, a research team can eventually get you their social security number, a list of their credit card purchases, a rough psychological profile, and a detailed history.
  • Investigation - while the research teams are in the library looking into what happened in the past, investigation teams are out in the field keeping track of what's happening now. The most dangerous investigation teams are those that specialize in infiltration. There's at least one cult in Australia that has an entire six-person cell of TNI members - and no one suspects a thing. More commonly investigation teams tap phones, shadow suspects, burglarize apartments, and dig through trash looking for information.
  • Sabotage - these teams specialize in making things fall apart. If Abel thinks a particular organization is too powerful, a sabotage group can be sent in to disable it. Usually this is done socially, by making members of the group suspect and distrust one another. It can also be done financially; in one case Abel took care of a group of dangerous cultists simply by buying the mortgages on their homes and foreclosing or evicting them; in the ensuing disorder, it was easy to pick them off. Finally, there are sabotage teams that specialize in psychological operations - playing head games with individuals until they can no longer function effectively.


  • Wild Cards - this is the TNI designation for a team that has no specialty, but is capable of carrying out a wide variety of operations. In actuality, about 80% of the TNI staff is in wild card teams. While a specialist team is more effective in their area of interest, the logistics of putting a specialist cell where it is needed fast can make trouble, so most TNI cells are more well-rounded.


  • Experimentation - Abel's manufacturing experience taught him the value of innovation, and he has some cells and individual sorcerers working on developing a unified theory of magick, along with new and unique effects to keep Abel's rivals guessing.


  • Assassination - when sabotage and diplomacy fail, Abel will mobilize a set of killers to simply eliminate his rivals. These cells are usually followed quickly by...


  • Cleanup - when you have a veritable army of thugs and sorcerers running around performing dangerous, varied, and unorthodox activities, they leave trails. The job of cleanup teams is to erase those trails. These are the guys who bury the bodies, pay off/intimidate/discredit the witnesses, provide the alibis, and generally stand between TNI and the claws of the tiger.




All TNI employees are issued a standard equipment package as part of their hiring benefits. This equipment package contains the following items:


A. Handcuffs, stainless steel, hinged (2)

B. Handcuff keys, for above (2)

C. Handcuff keys, generic (4)

D. Black polymer rope, one ton test strength, twenty-five foot length (1)

E. Switchblade knife, double-edged. Blade length 6". (1)

F. Impact resistant flashlight (1)

G. D-cell batteries for above (6)

H. High quality halogen penlight (1)

I. AA batteries for above (2)

J. Unregistered 9mm handgun ("Hushpuppy") (1)

K. Silencer for above (1)

L. 9mm magazine, 14 bullet capacity (2)

M. Hollow point bullets, 9mm (100)

N. Armor piercing bullets, 9mm (100)

O. Concealable Kevlar bullet-proof vest, appropriately sized (1)

P. Bernadelli 12-gauge shotgun, modified pistol grip (1)

Q. 12-gauge shotgun shells (50)

R. Combination cigarette lighter/napalm projector defense device (1)

S. Full face gas mask (1)

T. Canister capsaicin pepper spray (1)

U. Stun gun (1)

V. Box of paper surgical face masks, 1,000 count (1)

W. Box of rubber surgical gloves, appropriately sized, 1,000 count (2)

X. Portable police band scanner (1)

Y. Portable cell phone scanner, if available (1)

Z. Cyanide capsule (1)


TNI employees are responsible for the maintenance, supervision, and upkeep of their equipment, and must account for the whereabouts of any equipment expended. In particular all employees must fill out an "After Gunfire" report any time ammunition is expended, either in the course of a mission or at a practice range (see Appendix 3 of the Training Manual for a copy of the "After Gunfire" form).




Employees of pay grade "C" or higher may, at will, discontinue employment with TNI by giving one month official notice in writing to their appropriate supervisor.


Employees of pay grade "D" may not voluntarily discontinue employment with TNI without the approval of their supervisor.


TNI reserves the right to discontinue employment of individuals of pay grade "C" or higher by providing one month written notice to the individual. During their final month of employment the employee may not be placed on active assignment in the field.


TNI reserves the right to discontinue employment of individuals of pay grade "D" at any time by providing written or verbal notice to the individual.


TNI reserves the right to maintain employment of individuals who have given notice of discontinuation of employment for up to one year past the date of notice, entirely at its discretion. In compensation, employees retained in this way receive a one grade improvement in pay. However, they are automatically downgraded one level in security clearance.


Individuals who discontinue employment with TNI will receive a severance package equal to six months pay. This may be paid in a lump sum or distributed over time per agreement with TNI. Individuals discontinuing their employment with TNI should make arrangements regarding their severance package prior to leaving TNI employ.


All other TNI benefits (housing, health care, vehicle access, club membership, etc.) are revoked at the time that employment is discontinued.


All TNI equipment and information concerning TNI, its subsidiaries, its personnel, and/or its operations are considered per contract to be proprietary. TNI equipment is to be returned at the time of discontinuation of employment. Information regarding TNI is to be held in confidence in perpetuity. Failure to do so is considered breech of contract, and may result in termination of employment.


TNI reserves the right to terminate the employment of any employee who violates security protocol, does not follow the terms of their employment, who recklessly endangers TNI personnel, equipment, or facilities, or who acts in any way in a manner detrimental to TNI. Termination of employment is considered to occur at the moment the individual performs an act contrary to TNI policy. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to determine whether or not a violation of company policy is severe enough to call for termination of employment. Termination of employment may be performed with or without the employees consent or knowledge, and the employee may or may not be given verbal or written notice.


Individuals forfeit all rights to benefits, severance package, use of TNI equipment, or proprietary information regarding TNI, at the moment their employment is terminated.





The following locations in the Seattle/King County Metropolitan area are considered off-limits to TNI personnel without prior approval from management staff. Visiting these areas is considered to be a violation of the terms of employment, and may result in termination of employment and loss of benefits without notice.


This listing valid for the Seattle/King County area and environs only. When operating outside of this area check with your supervisor for specific restrictions.


  • The entirety of the King County Metro bus system, with the exception of buses operating within the downtown "Ride Free" area.
  • All strip clubs in the Seattle/King County area with the exception of strip clubs belonging to the Deja Vu chain.
  • The Seattle Space Needle
  • The Seattle Monorail
  • Elliott Bay Book Company, located at 101 South Main Street, Seattle
  • Lake View Cometary, Seattle
  • Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton
  • The McDonald's restaurant located in Westlake Plaza, downtown Seattle
  • Pike Place Market (Saturdays only)
  • Sanitary Market (Saturdays only)

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